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Making A Difference

Get your product into the hands of your clients with the ‘First-to-know’, ‘Just-unpacked’, ‘Latest-Release’ or competitions campaign. For the first time you can put newsletters, brochures and pamphlets into the hands of your clients with a direct targeted marketing. You can track the number of people who checked your message, you can be area specific and you have unlimited messages. To know more and see an example of what is possible whatsapp or sms (0838717549) me your name and area and I will send you examples of such advertising and marketing strategies.

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My School Days

Many people are trying to either get ahead or stay ahead. People are either looking for financial freedom or the opportunity to work as and when they want to.

I have some amazing opportunities on offer.

One opportunity is for you to be your own boss and make money for yourself and the other is to save you money and improve your cash flow incom and return.

Some of you will be aware of the business opportunity I have posted before for people to sell detergents Sunrite dishwash liquid, AM’s washing powder and bottled water.

The other product available is for businesses who usually send out invoices and statements. Now you can send them electronically both as an SMS and email and track your sms. The client receives notification immediately on their device, read and pay from their mobile and hand held devices.

All these are available at very affordable…

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Career Day Opportunities…

The “Dream Catchers” initiative at the Nelson Mandela Youth Centre in Chatsworth is hosting a Life Science careers day for all students on the 4th October from 09:00 am. This event will showcase experts in various career fields in the life sciences such as botany, biochemistry, palaeontology, zoology and much more from various institutions and organisations.

All interested students wanting to know more about these careers as well as bursary opportunities and institutes to study are more than welcome to join us on the day.

For more information, please contact Mr Clive Pillay on 083 981 3506

Thank you.

Kind Regards,

Irwin Moodley

Cell: 060 456 8145

Dream Catchers (Mandela Youth Centre)

Please send to your friends and family…we could use your support

The Durban launch of Natalie Rungan’s new album “Heart Aflame” has been set for the 20th of March, at the Durban Jewish Centre at 7:30pm. Online bookings opened on Thursday the 6th of March. Tickets can be purchased from PLANKTON.MOBI at R85 ( https://plankton.mobi/Plankton/tickets/events/eventdetails/13327a83-48a4-e311-90b5-0025907b01d0) or R100 at the door. Cd’s will be available for sale on the night.

Heart Aflame, which is an 11-track album, has been written, arranged and produced by Natalie Rungan. At the start of 2013 the singer songwriter spent a lot of time thinking about the direction she wanted her music to take. Having previously done two albums, “Love Is” and “This is Me”, Natalie decided to go out on her own as an independent recording artist. The songstress felt the need to be more transparent both in her writing as well as performances. This took much thought and careful consideration to not stray too far from the profile already established. A year later she penned this new album, which is an expression of her journey over the past two years.

Rungan came up with the idea of Up close and Personal (UCP) © which is concept that is all about how the audience feels while they are taken through this musical journey. She wrote new compositions for the concert, which were different in style and lyrical content and based on its success decided that she wanted to share them with fans both nationally and those abroad. It was Natalie’s desire that “Heart Aflame” would capture the energy and synergy that she had on stage with her band each time they performed.

For the concept to work the artist had to have musicians with her that would follow her every move, that could read her like a book. Natalie certainly has that with her long time friend and keyboardist Mark Royeppen who over the years has learnt to predict Natalie’s musical heartbeat. The final and certainly most crucial member in bringing this concept to life, is drummer extraordinaire Bruce Baker. He introduced a reduced drum set that is centered on a percussion instrument the ‘Cajon’ featured on “Come Dance”. Bruce’s incorporation of drums and percussion, together with his in-depth knowledge of rhythm, perfectly balances the trio.

Natalie, Mark and Bruce went into studio and recorded these eleven songs live. The process of making an album like this is both exhilarating and a little daunting, as songs have to be performed perfectly from start to finish. There are no overdubs and tweaks like one could have in a programmed album. As the listener hears it, is exactly how it happened in studio. It took hours of planning and practicing before going in to track the album but a year later the final product is one that Natalie is very proud of.

Joining the trio on “Africa” and “Come Dance” is Ian Alexander Reid; an acclaimed bass player, and dear friend of Natalie’s, who is based in London. Brent Quinton, owner of Hit Record Studios who engineered the album, also features on guitar on “Love began when you smiled”. For the very first time Natalie has been able to credit someone other than herself for lyrical content on one of her songs. Media and radio personality Alan Khan co wrote the lyrics to “I still remember” which is inspired by a prose written to his wife.



Yet another opportunity has arisen and I am daily growing more anxious and concerned.

1. I am still waiting for people to respond to the opportunity for the squash academy…details and more info can be found on this blog under the title of the same name.

2. Work opportunities that are guaranteed for those interested and more info can be obtained on this blog under the same title.

3. Business opportunities still available to interested people also more info available on this blog.

4. Yet another opportunity for employment; nail technician and beauty therapist needed for employment in the Umhlanga area. Must be qualified with experience both beauty therapists and nail technicians.

For the therapist, full-day as well as half day.

Nail technician – full day

Monday to Saturday for now.

For more information on any of the above posts send an e-mail to kippen75@yahoo.com and use the bold type in the subject line and include your contact details so that you can be contacted. Do feel free to direct people to this or pass this on to others you know who will benefit from these amazing opportunities.

Cheers for now,


Squash Academy…

I have posted this opportunity before and not many showed an interest to this and I am not sure why.

To provide more detail to the opportunity, Varsity College, Westville Campus, is offering an opportunity to students with some squash ability and or interest to be part of a Squash Academy and receive a bursary/ scholarship. This opportunity is open to both males and females both finishing school this year (2013) or will consider studying at the institution in the not to distant future.

The academy will run out the Westville Country Club and the coach will be Quinton Kippen. All interested people are to contact Quinton Kippen via e-mail on kippen75@yahoo.com with the following details; Name and surname, age, Date-of-Birth and contact information.

This is an important request and opportunity will be given to those interested.


I am amazed yet still optimistic…with the rate of youth unemployment, lack of funds to study and the amount of potential to fulfil both it intrigues me why people have not been diving for the opportunities that have been presented previously and are still available.

1. Sports Scholarship/ Bursary opportunity – This has been offered previously and is still available for young people to take advantage of. A reputable tertiary institution in Durban have decided to make sports an opportunity for young people to further their studies. They are investing in a squash academy to not just promote the sport but to give young people an opportunity to use their sporting ability to gain a meaningful education. For more information with this regard do e-mail Quinton on kippen75@yahoo.com, subject line – Squash Academy.

2. The other opportunity still available is the job opportunity through an institution that has been building relationships with many corporates to meet their requirements and offer opportunities to people who otherwise would not get the opportunity. All that is required is that you need to be in the age bracket of 18-28, have a matric certificate and have attended a ‘government school’ in a rural area or township. This opportunity is open to all race groups. For more information with this regard do e-mail Quinton on kippen75@yahoo.com, subject line – Job Opportunity.

3. The last opportunity being offered is one that is geared towards those who are not so keen to study and do not want to work for a boss/ company but would prefer being their own boss. This is an opportunity that usually not just offered to you but one that others will tell you to work for. The concept is not difficult to grasp, neither are their any hidden agendas so should you feel the need to become your own boss and create your own bank that will allow you the opportunity to start thinking about letting your money work for you and you for your money. For more information with this regard do e-mail Quinton on kippen75@yahoo.com, subject line – Start your own Bank.